Custom Products

Creating standout solutions
At Baker Boy, we have the expertise and capacity to partner with large manufacturers in creating innovative private-label baked goods and bakery components for distinctive prepared foods. We’ll support your custom-product needs from start to finish, delivering the exact taste profiles, textures and performance attributes you’re looking for to ensure product success.
  • Product innovation concepting, ideation and formulation
  • Prototyping, testing and full-scale production with stringent processes to drive superior consistency and food safety
  • Labeling and packaging to meet your exact specifications
  • Specialized products to match the taste and nutrition requirements of schools and healthcare
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Have a technology challenge?
Bring it on! Turn to our expert R&D staff to help solve any product-development challenge. Whether you’re launching a new item or reformulating to lower costs, hit new nutrition targets or add a flavor, we’ll come through for you!
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