Bakery Products from the HeartTM

Whether you run a foodservice, in-store or retail bakery operation, make Baker Boy your bakery supplier for unmatched quality and incredible taste experiences. From everyday to gourmet, Baker Boy wholesale bakery products will set your menu apart!

Donuts, Sweet Rolls & Pastries
Our labor-saving Baker Boy donuts, sweet rolls and pastries will satisfy every sweet tooth, any time of day. Use them to grow traffic and sales during the morning rush, afternoon and late-night snack periods, or as a base for signature desserts.
Buns, Rolls & Croissants
Captivate your customers with the fresh-from-the-oven taste and aroma of premium Baker Boy buns, rolls and croissants. Use our easy-prep forms to add flavor and flair to your lineup, and bring patrons more delicious variety with minimal effort.
Breads & Breadsticks
Baker Boy breads and breadsticks create endless opportunities to enhance your menu’s appeal. From hearty whole grains to our crusty French loaves and sinfully delicious cinnamon breads, we deliver the quality you need to build loyalty and sales.
Hoagies, Subs, Pizzas & Pretzels
Add fresh excitement to your sandwich lineup and boost lunch traffic with versatile Baker Boy hoagie, sub and pretzel buns. Plus, our ready-to-bake pizza crust doughs will satisfy your customers’ never-ending passion for pizza and drive new sales, day and night.
Cookies & Desserts
Baker Boy cookie doughs make it easy to offer a decadent cookie lineup that stimulates impulse sales, enhances kid’s menus, and builds your take-out business. Explore every sweet temptation – from chocolate chip to whole-grain raisin oatmeal, and more.
Biscuits & Dumplings
Tender, flaky Baker Boy biscuits make a hearty carrier for breakfast sandwiches and a satisfying complement to soups, stews and entrees. Our convenient dumpling doughs add a home-style touch to your soups and other favorites, but without all the prep of scratch.
Icings, Glazes & Smears
With Baker Boy icings, glazes and smears, adding rich, creamy goodness to your baked goods is as easy as opening the container. Use on biscuits, donuts, croissants and pastries to create a delicious signature finish that helps you command higher prices.
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