Food Safety

Stringent safety standards ensure product confidence
Maintaining the highest food safety standards is in the Baker Boy DNA — because we demand the best out of ourselves, and you deserve to have confidence in the products you buy. Here are just some of the processes we implement to ensure unparalleled food safety and protect your brand and your customers.
Good Manufacturing Practices

We adhere to all FDA-defined Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for food production facilities.
HACCP Documentation and Training

Baker Boy has a comprehensive HACCP program in place to ensure we’re always maximizing food safety. And all employees receive in-depth, ongoing training on HACCP best practices.
Lot Tracking

Should a problem arise, know that we utilize a lot tracking system so we can rapidly identify products after they leave our facilities, and speed up recalls.
Plant and Ingredient Inspections

We conduct routine facility inspections to verify cleanliness, validate HACCP compliance and identify opportunities to improve processes. In addition, our Quality Assurance (QA) team analyzes incoming bulk ingredients to ensure that they are within the supplier's COA (Certificate of Analysis).

Baker Boy, Inc. is GFSI-certified (Global Food Safety Initiative) annually, meeting the requirements of BRC Global Standard of Food Safety.
Product Quality Checks

Our teams select frozen samples from the production line every ten minutes for test baking by the QA team, to verify that they meet our high standards for performance, taste and appearance.
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