Investing in our business to help your business thrive
We are continually enhancing our resources, staff and expertise to serve your changing needs and bring you the finest products, most innovative solutions and best overall value.
Specialized Equipment

We’ve invested in specialized equipment to meet the ongoing demand for custom processes and unique product applications, including:
  • 4 spiral freezers
  • 12 rack ovens
  • 1 tunnel oven
  • 1 donut fryer
  • 2 laminating Rheon pastry lines
  • Multiple bread, roll and sub lines
  • Vertical form fill and seal
Custom Products

At Baker Boy, we partner with large manufacturers to create private-label baked goods and custom components for bakery-based prepared foods. We’ll support your needs from start to finish.
  • Ideation, formulation and prototyping
  • Full-scale production with stringent manufacturing processes to assure products meet your exact specifications and high food-safety standards
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Specialized product development to meet the taste and nutrition requirements of schools and healthcare
R&D and Product Development

The Baker Boy team includes a full in-house R&D department with product development capabilities plus AIB-trained nutritionists — all the expertise you’ll need to bring exciting and unique products to market. Turn to us for help in:
  • Developing new formulas
  • Reformulating products to lower costs
  • Achieving specific taste and nutrition goals
  • Incorporating new and improved ingredients into existing formulas
Advanced Facilities

Our 135,000 square foot complex houses a technologically sophisticated production facility capable of producing over 50,000 cases of product each week.
Kosher Certification

We are proud to say that our Baker Boy production facility is OU-D certified, and is inspected monthly to maintain our Kosher status.
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