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Go with the baked goods that build your reputation
At Baker Boy, we’ve mastered the art of delight as well as the science of efficiency, pouring our passion into supplying foodservice, bakery, C-store and manufacturing customers with premium baked goods that deliver exceptional taste and valuable operational savings. Choose from our wide array of products in the most on-trend varieties, enticing flavors and labor-saving forms.
Choose the forms that fit your operation
Premium Baker Boy doughs give you the flexibility to create signature items, balance food and labor costs, and tantalize patrons with the aroma of fresh-from-the oven baked goods. Just thaw, proof and bake to deliver a consistent, scratch-like taste experience.
Easy-prep, par-baked items save significant time, reduce the need for skilled labor, and help prevent costly mistakes and product waste. Simply thaw and pop into a hot oven to treat your customers to fresh-baked taste and aroma in minutes.
Fully Baked
Ready to thaw-and-serve or thaw-and-finish, our fully baked products help you expand your offering without adding resources — and assure you always have product to meet unexpected demand. They’re great for operations without ovens or skilled labor.
Custom Products
At Baker Boy, we partner with large manufacturers to create private-label baked goods and custom components for bakery-based prepared foods. With our full capabilities, proven expertise and dedicated service team, we’ll support you from start to finish.
Serve popular Prairie Pantry® branded products
Consumers love our Prairie Pantry® prepackaged retail baked goods, which is why you’ll love the sales these items generate when they’re on your menu. Look for Prairie Pantry® branded dough and baked items within many of our product categories as you browse our online portfolio.
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