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It’s all about your menu
We offer one of the most diverse portfolios of bakery products in all of foodservice — premium items crafted by real hands, with real heart, and delivering unmatched taste and guest satisfaction. With Baker Boy, you’ll get convenient forms that fit your operation and help you tackle your back-of-house challenges. And they’re backed by our reliable distribution, market insights, and personal service and training to help your team make the most of our products on your menu.
Whether you run an independent restaurant, national chain or fast-growing multi-unit regional chain (MURC), great taste and menu variety are critical to maintaining loyal guests. At Baker Boy, we have proven expertise in your segment and can help you keep your menu fresh and exciting with:
  • Signature, scratch-quality bakery items that allow you to stand out from competitors and maintain consistency across locations
  • Versatile products for all dayparts and menu categories, so you can do more with fewer SKUs
  • Labor-saving forms that allow you to tempt guests with fresh-baked taste and aroma while minimizing prep or eliminating on-site baking altogether
K–12 Schools & Colleges
With our wide selection of great-tasting, easy-prep products, you can nourish growing student bodies and increase your program’s participation rate — while avoiding the need for especially skilled labor. Get it all:
  • Whole-grain breads, buns and other favorites with kid-pleasing taste that are in line with your nutritional guidelines
  • Tempting baked goods to enhance your self-serve or buffet stations
  • Specialty items for growing venues such as grab-and-go
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Meet 24/7 demand
Today, consumers want any meal, any time of day. With our labor-saving doughs, par-baked items and ready-to-finish products, you can react quickly to unexpected demand around the clock — without wasting product.
Managing food costs while balancing the taste preferences and nutritional needs of patients, visitors and staff poses a unique challenge. With the diverse portfolio of Baker Boy baked goods, you can satisfy every demand.
  • Bread products and desserts for patient consumption, featuring nutrition profiles that match their dietary needs — at competitive prices
  • White, wheat and whole-grain breads, buns and rolls, plus indulgent cookies, desserts and pastries to tempt your staff and visitors
  • Versatile product forms that deliver labor-saving convenience and consistent quality — regardless of your equipment or back-of-house skills
Business & Industry (B&I)
We understand that you need baked goods that deliver more than taste and variety. In B&I settings, product performance and value are essential, too. Count on Baker Boy for:
  • High-quality, versatile products for your breakfast and lunch features, sandwich bar, sweets and snacks, allowing you to offer more with fewer SKUs
  • Special performance characteristics, such as extended hold times, that help minimize wasteful throwaways and save money
  • Convenient forms that allow you to tempt guests with fresh-baked taste and aroma while saving labor and minimizing prep — or eliminating on-site baking altogether
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